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Speakers: Joanne Billingsley

OCTOBER 11, 2017

The Petroleum Club of Fort Worth
777 Main St, 40th Floor
Fort Worth, TX 76102
* Valet parking available

Looking at Math Through the Eyes of a Language Learner

For too long, math has been viewed as a series of steps, calculations, and procedures. The reality is that for most students, math is a NEW LANGUAGE! Learning the language of math helps students become better readers who more fully comprehend the content of challenging math problems. In addition, these newly acquired language skills are transferable to other content areas!

Discover Creative Strategies To Ensure Students
· think creatively and visually about key math terms,
· discuss/debate and write as they master math concepts,
· develop the reading "grit" required to master challenging math assessments.

Plus - Learn fun accommodations for teaching factions and decoding difficult work problems, that are highly effective for ALL language proficiency levels!